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The partners of Chomedey en forme who have been working for 10 years now, for Chomedey's 0-17 year old's and their families to promote healthy lifestyles, have given themselves the mission of: "Contributing to the development of the community to improve the quality of life and equal opportunities through collective actions that respect the diversity of Chomedey and that rely on the commitment of citizens and partners. "


More than 50 different projects supported and/or carried out during these 10 years and the satisfaction of having made move, cook and raise awareness to hundreds of young people from 0 to 17 years old throughout these years.

This is thanks to the many stakeholders, teachers, coordinators, neighborhood life facilitators, directors of organizations and institutions, support agents and citizens who have contributed to Chomedey en forme's mission!

In it's last year of action, the committee supported several projects related to neighborhood issues: food safety (community cooking workshops, training  volunteers, urban agriculture), youth (Table des jeunes, street games, l'art plein la rue), accessibility to services and activities (schoolyard design of Harmonie, support for school projects, animation kit).

The group has existed since 2009, stemming from a local development committee in Chomedey, and from the desire of partners to act with youth aged 0 to 17.  Thanks to the support of Québec en forme, of which the Maison des enfants le Dauphin was the faithful and involved trustee, the group of partners carried out its mission in the district, and contributed to the implementation of regional projects and policies in connection with healthy life habits.

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