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The Local Development Committee of Chomedey updates a concerted action plan, entitled "Doing better, together!",  which includes 6 work sites: 




Educational success

Food safety

Continuum of services

Territorial development

Local partnerships

To carry out this 2018-2023 plan, 5 action committees are active and meet regularly during the year to implement collective actions. Rendez-vous des partenaires, which are large consultative meetings, allow open and constructive exchanges for the realization of the neighborhood plan.

Strong participation from member and partner organizations and citizens, has brought to life an inclusive and concerted strategic planning process for Chomedey.

The CDLC team produced a neighborhood portrait, through 6 thematic sheets (March 2018)

From the first planning meetings, major issues were identified from which the objectives for the next 5 years could be identified.

In order to aim for concrete and lasting change in the neighborhood, the action committees have drawn up desired transformations for 2023. You will find them in the image below:

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