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I love Chomedey, I get involved!  

This is an invitation to all residents of Chomedey.

There is a place for you in the community! The Local Development Committee of Chomedey ( CDLC) is a great way whatever your interests or availability may be; you are welcome! 

There are several ways available for you to participate in the neighborhood, whether it be to;

  • Inform yourself about the activities, services and projects of the neighborhood, and help share the information;

  • Participate in discussion- style meetings between citizens, or with neighborhood workers;

  • Get involved in the organisation of a neighborhood event or activity;

  • Be a citizen member of the CDLC, and participate in meetings on one or more projects of the 2018-2023 neighborhood plan, and contribute to the decision making process. 

For more information, contact the Mobilisation Agent:

or at 438-408-9800



Several people in the neighborhood are involved at various levels, whether it be in a neighborhood event, a specific project, an action committee or even on the Board of Directors. Regardless of the type of involvement, citizen participation must be at the heart of our initiatives and projects. 

Here are some inspiring portraits of committed citizens:

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Chomedey Neighborhood Party:


An event that is part of the neighborhood's annual summer traditions. It is a citizen's initiative resulting from the Laval Social Forum (2008).  Supported by a committee of residents  and partner members of the Local Development Committee of Chomedey (CDLC), and supported by the CDLC Mobilization Agent, the neighborhood party is a great way to get to know neighbours and neighborhood services. It takes place in a relaxed and friendly setting where residents have the opportunity to meet, play and eat while enjoying various artistic performances, entertainment for all ages, and thanks to the collaboration of several partner organizations that animate the event with their teams. More than 25 organizations are present to meet you!


If you are interested in the neighborhood party let us know by email:    

“Inter-Amitié Chomedey” project: 


A local initiative, the result of the exchange and consultation that accompanied citizen participation, resulting from a pilot project with the Center St-Pierre (2018), this project will be deployed over two years, starting in autumn 2020. 

This project aims to break the isolation of people and to strengthen the integration of participants in the dynamic life of the district, by creating opportunities for exchanges and meetings with the people of the neighborhood from diverse origins, and paths.

This project is fortunate to welcome new partners in 2022 and to unfold around a cultural axis:

"Let's share our intangible heritage". 

We will talk with the citizens of Chomedey about each other's tales, traditions and lullabies. The links created will contribute to promoting the need for solidarity and belonging to the community of Chomedey."

For info:   

"Sugaring Off Time": 


A festive activity in a Chomedey park for neighborhood families takes place at the end of winter. It has a diverse program, cultural as much as sportive, and which includes tasting of taffy on snow.  We believe that this event allows everyone, families as well as people in Chomedey, to have a good time together, meet and get to know each other better.

Sugaring Off can't bring people together without the contribution of  Chomedey's citizens, which is why the organizing committee wants to make room for those who wish to get involved, as much during the planning stages as in the day itself, so that this day truly represent those who live there.



The unveiling to the public of the cultural mediation project «Chomedey à découvert : tout horizon», achieved last October 26th, invites exchanging and sharing. The exposition is going around in the neighborhood and Laval.

The CDLC was very proud to unveil this cultural mediation project in the Chomedey district, carried out as part of the immigration agreement Mobilization-Diversity Program for the Laval region 2016-2017, thanks to the financial participation of the Government of Quebec and the city of Laval. 

This project, “Chomedey à Découvert: tout horizon”, carried out in collaboration with Réseau ArtHist, allowed several residents of the Chomedey district (newcomers and people with an immigrant background) to share their unique journey. This was done from photos and through texts by the author Mrs. Hynda Benabdallah, inspired by individual interviews. 

During it's unveiling, the citizens and partners of the Local Development Committee of Chomedey ( CDLC) were very touched by the exhibition and the exchanges aroused by the activity led by Réseau ArtHist highlighted a need for dialogue between people.

From now on, this exhibition is available to you. It is intended to be a tool for intercultural exchanges, and comes with a souvenir booklet. This is done to continue to bring this project to life, in your environment and in Chomedey.

Download the souvenir booklet

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