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Integrated Urban Revitalization (IUR) is an approach based on joint action by community organizations, citizens and representatives of the private and public sectors. They commit to working together towards improving the living conditions on the territory, for and with citizens who live together and use it (fight against poverty, social exclusion, etc.). 

A definition: Approach inspired by American and European experiences, the RUI aims at transforming, at several levels, socially and economically disadvantaged neighborhoods.

In Chomedey, the revitalization process has existed since 2009, it is in it's 4th planning and implementation of projects. Here is the RUI 2018-2022 action plan, which is supported thanks to the support of the city of Laval and the Government of Quebec (Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MAMH)), Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Solidarity (MTESS)) as well as the  Laval Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CISSSL).


The RUI 2018-2022 action plan is being introduced at a time when the RUI territory is experiencing major changes, with the revitalization of Val-Martin buildings and the arrival of a large population. It is therefore part of the continuity of the actions carried out, some for several years. It  now aims to set up and support projects and structuring initiatives for the RUI territory, having significant impacts on it's residents. 

This new plan follows the actions carried out in recent years and above all, they are in coherence with and compliment the actions of the district, and regional authorities.

A brand new portrait of the territory of the RUI of Chomedey has been produced, supported by the city of Laval (Social Development Division).

In fall of 2016, very good mobilization made it possible to determine the priorities and desired results by the end of 2018.  This revitalization process is now integrated into the neighborhood plan of the Comité de Développement Local de Chomedey ( CDLC) so that the projects have the greatest possible impact on the neighborhood, and to work even more in coherence.  The various projects carried out via the RUI action plan will be tied to the various committees of actions already existing and active at the CDLC.

In concrete terms, the partners involved in each of the RUI approaches meet in committees in order to:

  1. Share their thoughts on the challenges of the targeted territory.

  2. Develop an action plan and ensure it's implementation.

  3. Encourage citizen participation in the creation and implementation of the action plan.

The various projects listed in the action plan respond to needs identified as priorities: food safety, employment and academic success, the feeling of security, solidarity between citizens and belonging to the neighborhood, the environment, the beautification of the district…etc. This list is not exhaustive and corresponds to the realities expressed by local partners.

Citizen involvement

Citizens are invited to take part in the integrated urban revitalization process by expressing their concerns, sharing ideas and making suggestions, or by offering their time or skills in carrying out projects.

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