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The “Communication” project is supported by the CDLC team, in collaboration with all the members and partners, because it is transversal to any other project of the neighborhood plan.

It includes both action strategies related to citizens (example: popularize information) and objectives related to partners (example: strengthening and implementing collective communication mechanisms).

Here is the action plan specific to the "Communication" project:



The “Mobilization” project is supported by the CDLC's Mobilization Agent, in close collaboration with citizens who get involved and participate in various citizen mobilization projects. In addition, several organizations and partners are involved in many projects, such as:

Project "Inter-amitié Chomedey"; creating citizen participation activities for everyone in the population: families, seniors and  youth, through various themes and types of diversified activities. This project is supported by funding from the city of Laval, the CISSSL and the "ministère de l’immigration, de la francisation et intégration". It began in July 2020.



The "Continuum of services" project is updated by several approaches and projects related to the objectives of the project:

  • Recreation Committee - Chomedey sector: Bureau de vie de quartier, CLDC, Center du Sablon and Loisirs Chomedey.

  • Approach for the Val-Martin sector (densification/housing and a Simonne-Monet-Chartrand community center): strategic committees (OMHL, City, CCVM, Au panier, CISSSL), operational committees (field workers OMHL, CCVM, CDLC, Au panier , CSSL), conducting a needs study (2021).

  • In the context of a pandemic, support for the deployment of the COVID-19 Awareness Brigades Project.


The partners and the CDLC team will also support regional initiatives related to the continuum of services in Laval, local-regional collaboration links, etc. For example:

  • Various work units of the Laval Regional Policy, including objective 3.2.1 comprehensive support for vulnerable people/immigrant population.

  • Participation in meetings between local agents in Laval


Here is the action plan that the committee is updating:

Continuum de services


The “Educational Success” project aims to work with  young people aged 0 to 25,  their parents and the community. This is why 2 action committees are updating the action plan for this project; Le Petit Chomedey committee and Chomedey Youth 11-25 years old committee.

Committee "Le Petit Chomedey" 0-11 years and family 

Mission: Contribute through joint projects that mobilize several community partners towards establishing winning conditions for toddlers and their families, to promote their well-being and overall development.

History: The committee stems from the will of members of the Local Development Committee of Chomedey to have an action plan dedicated to the needs of toddlers and their families. Thus, a local group of partners (RLP) named "Le Petit Chomedey" was set up in 2012, and supported by Avenir Enfants until 2020. It made possible the financing of numerous collective projects and supported services for families, always in addition to the services already offered by the various organizations.

The members of Le Petit Chomedey committee;

  • Carole Charvet, General Manager, Carrefour d'Intercultures de Laval

  • Caroline Hétu, Development Agent at the CSSL educational service

  • Caroline Loiseau, Development and Communications Coordinator at Maison des enfants le Dauphin

  • Jessica Prévost, Educational Advisor, Office Coordinator/CPE- Le chez moi des petits

  • Mariam Najdi, Citizen

  • Mariana Garcia Flores, Community Coordinator at Sourires Solidaires

  • Natalina Pace, Project Coordinator, AGAPE

  • Sabrina Lacrouts, CDLC Mobilization Agent

  • Simina Adrianescu, Worker at the CCVM Maison de la famille

  • Simon Aubin, Prevention Promotion Counsellor in an academic context, CISSSL

Update: Presentation of LPC partners , a tool that allows you to know the partner organizations and the services offered for toddlers and their families. Download the tool here!

Some examples of projects 2021/2022​

little chomdedy.png
Réussite éducative
mini gym.png

The Mini gym:  

A Mini gym promotes physical activity in children aged 0-5 years old. It allows them to experience free play as a family, to develop their gross motor skills, by promoting learning  games and activities that can be done using simple equipment. It allows children to learn social interactions and develop their imagination.

My languages my books.png

The conference « Mes langues, Mes livres »   

This conference handles how the mother tongue is important to learning other languages. This conference covers the following topics:

  • How does a child's language develop?

  • How does the child learn a second language?

  • What is my role as a parent?

  • What resources can I use to achieve this?

Youth Committee 11-25 years old

This committee is in place since 2015, to more specifically address the needs of youth and their parents, and to promote mobilization locally and regionally.

  • Youth consultation office; Audrey Beauchemin

  • Bureau de vie du quartier (city/ ville) 3: Manal Bouzhar

  • Laval School Service Center; Rhizlaine Chebani & Patrice Angeli

  • Laval Integrated Health and Social Services Center: Julie Lemieux

  • Val-Martin-CCVM Youth Center: Laurence Duguay-Jodoin

  • Alternative Youth Measure: Geneviève Da Prato

  • ÇaCliq project: Christophe Cormier

  • SAJ Project; Chloe Robitaille

  • Street work in Laval: Tagor Alphonse and Damien Colson

  • LREC Center: Elias El-Alaoui

  • Théâtre Fêlé: Tallia Hallmona

  • Carrefour d'Intercultures de Laval: Jade Couture


Some examples of projects 2021/2022​:

Basketball Chomedey

Project led by the Laval Basketball Association, which trains youth from the neighborhood to become coaches. They can then animate free activities in neighborhood parks.  Over 10 people were trained and led 235 hours of activities during the summer of 2021.

Youth Worker Project

 A project that allows the addition of a resource person who is present in the community, through environments such as schools, libraries, parks, in order to reach youth. More particularly, marginalized youth. It allows them to create a meaningful relationship with a worker in the district, in connection to the Val-Martin youth center.



The “Food Safety” project is implemented by the “Food Safety” committee, led by Guylaine Desbiens (CDLC Development Agent), and made up of the following members;

  • SCAMA Center

  • Hélène Prévost, Liaison Officer, Social Pastoral West of Laval

  • Fanny Cousineau, Coordinator, Au Panier

  • Edith Athus, Director, Enfant d’abord

  • Bureau vie de quartier de Chomedey

  • Samantha Garnier, Citizen

  • Vivianne Monette, Citizen

  • Brigitte Kalamaras, Coordinator at Maison de la famille, Val-Martin Community Center

This committee also updates the objectives related to food safety for the RUI territory (see RUI Chomedey tab), 

Grande démarche de Quartier Nourricier Chomedey, accompanied by Vivre en ville: a large-scale project that began in winter 2021 to initiate the establishment of favorable conditions for the development of a nutritionally healthy neighborhood in Chomedey. This project aims to develop a vision and "design" a local nutritional system by March 2022. 

The following is the 2018-2023 food safety action plan;

Sécurité alimentaire


The “Local Development and Partnership” project is supported by the CDLC Board of Directors, with the Coordinator (Marlène Paradis), because many of it's objectives are of a strategic order ,and are related to regional representation procedures. 

This project also addresses the questions of work of positive influence that the CDLC wishes to have on the development of the district, as well as the reflections on the mechanisms of collaboration between the current and potential partners in local development.

Here is the 2018-2023 plan for this project;

Développement local
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